About Us

Craig Antenna Service, Inc. was established by Larry Craig in 1963 following an ice storm, hence the name of the company. In 1969, Craig Antenna Service, Inc. became an E.F. Johnson two-way radio dealer and in 1972, we went full time in the two-way communications business.

In 1990, we became an authorized Kenwood sales and service center and in 2015, we became a Vertex sales and service center. We have received awards from E.F. Johnson for outstanding service three times and top volume dealer twice.

As technology has changed, we have also changed with the times. In the mid 1970’s, we began adding repeater service to increase the range of our systems. In the 1980’s, we added area wide systems to further increase range.

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Serving all of Continental US

At present our area wide systems cover all or parts of 24 counties in central and southern Illinois. Over the last few years, we have begun to migrate toward digital communications. This is the next step in the industry. We have all become used to the clarity of digital television and as we move into the digital radio world, that same clarity will be evident in our communications. Many of the radios that we sell now will work in both analog and digital systems. This allows for the digital migration to be done over a period of time, thus helping keep customers costs down.

Besides industrial radio communications, we also offer phone systems, security camera systems, wireless computer connection, cell phone boosters, tower and antenna installation, IT consulting, and outdoor warning systems.